Now offering: BCRPA Older Adult Certification Course by Correspondence

BCRPA Older Adult Course by Correspondence

BCRPA Older Adult Certification Course by Correspondence

We are so proud to offer the BCRPA approved Older Adult Leadership course by Correspondence.  Our correspondence course is 9 assignments and will guide you through such areas as how to:

  • Provide initial health screening and lead participants who provide a healthy selfreport or have medical clearance to participate in an exercise program (i.e. ParQ+, PAR Med-X, waiver, and consent form).
  • Lead exercise programs for older adults based on the information contained in the NFLA standards and guidelines.
  • Design, modify and lead an older adult exercise program by providing appropriate exercises in order to meet the needs of participants.
  • Incorporate the use of appropriate equipment based on identified or implied needs of the participants.
  • Promote the benefits of regular physical activity combined with a healthy and balanced diet using Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide as a reference.
  • Create a professional environment whereby the independent, inactive and independent active older adult can improve or maintain their physical function (as identified in the W.H.O. Health-Fitness Gradient).
  • Provide emergency care based on the participant needs and/or according to facility protocol.

For more info and pricing options: Click here

Please note:  BCRPA Provincial exam and practical ICE Evaluation are not included in the course price.  Written BCRPA exam is online and written through  For ICE evaluations, please see the following page for our prices – Click Here >>

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BCRPA Group Fitness practicum hours FAQs

BCRPA Group Fitness 8 practicum hours FAQs

Answers from BCRPA regarding the 8 practicum hours required for the group fitness certification prior to group fitness

the Group Fitness ICE.  Here is a link to the BCRPA Scope of Practice documentation: Click Here

QUESTION: What style of class constitutes a BCRPA approved group fitness class  for obtaining credit for the 8 hours?  Would Zumba or a spin class count?

ANSWER: “Any class where the instructor is leading a group, so long as it falls within Scope of Practice, will qualify for the 8 hour practicum. I would be careful of teaching at Oxygen because hot classes are not covered under group liability insurance.” – BCRPA

QUESTION: Does a BCRPA certified Group Fitness instructor need to participate in the group class for the practicum hours to count?

ANSWER: “It isn’t as black and white as someone needing to be in the room, per se – if there is a supervisor in the facility who is aware that this person is teaching the class and is willing to vouch for them/step in should a safety issue arise, the hours will count.” – BCRPA

If you have more questions regarding the BCRPA Group Fitness course via the correspondence or classroom based versions, please give us a call or email as we would be glad to answer any and all of your questions.

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Does ceasing exercise induce depressive symptoms?

A recent study in the Journal of Affective Disorders “Does ceasing exercise induce depressive symptoms? A systematic review of experimental trials including immunological and neurogenic markers” by Morgan, Julie A. et al. (Journal of Affective Disorders , Volume 234 , 180 – 192) found the following highlights:

  • No trials studied exercise cessation related depressive symptoms in depression.
  • Depressive symptoms were significantly higher in female participants than in male participants.
  • Depressive symptoms arose without changes in neurotrophic or immune biological markers.
  • High-quality trials in healthy adults and patients with depression are needed.

Talk to many who had to stop training and they will agree.  As much as regular exercise contributes to lowering depressive symptoms, stopping an exercise program may induce depressive symptoms.

So, remember this study the next time you are thinking about skipping your regular workout!

Link to study:

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Muscle growth and strength development – training muscles 6x vs. 3x per week!

Muscle growth and strength development – training muscles 6x vs. 3x per week

Check out this study by Gomes et al. (2018) which found greater strength development and muscle growth when training each muscle 6 times per week compared to 3 times per week!   Although it was only an 8 week study, research showed the 6 times per week should better gains than the 3 times per week in the following 3 areas:


  • 6 vs. 3 times per week  (+1.29% vs. +0.82%)

Increase in Strength – BENCH PRESS (1RM)

  • 6 vs. 3 times per week  (+9.64% vs. +5.41%)

Increase in Strength – BACK SQUAT (1RM)

  • 6 vs. 3 times per week  (+9.73% vs. +6.02%)

This is one of  infographic of the training schedule:

muscle growth

Full credit – this study was reviewed    and here is a link to the original PubMed article (Click here)


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Update on the Drug – RANOLAZINE

Personal Trainers – be AWARE!

Ranolazine is a second-line therapeutic agent prescribed for angina pectoris, for which chest pain is the main symptom. It works to improve blood flow to help the heart work more effectively and also has been effective in treating those with some inherited arrhythmias.

Peter Ruben and his team of researchers have spent years studying why seemingly healthy patients with inherited cardiac arrhythmias can sometimes suddenly die during exercise.

Now the team has dug deeper and discovered that some of these physiological changes accompanying exercise, particularly elevated body temperature and elevated heart rate, might also decrease the ability of Ranolazine to maintain a healthy heart rhythm during exercise.  “This is important because exercise can trigger a catastrophic arrhythmia in these patients, and Ranolazine could not be expected to control the arrhythmia in those patients during exercise” says Ruben.

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UPCOMING COURSE – BCRPA Group Fitness (March 10 & 11)

Upcoming Courses 2018

BCRPA approved GROUP FITNESS Certification Course this weekend (March 10 & 11 – 2018).  Saturday/Sunday (9-5:30pm).  Only 2 spot remaining – call (604-372-3233), email ( or click this link to reserve your spot:

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