FREE SAMPLE BCRPA Older Adult / Seniors Fitness Practice Prep Exam

FREE SAMPLE BCRPA Older Adult / Seniors Fitness Practice Prep Exam

This is FREE SAMPLE BCRPA Older Adult / Senior Fitness Practice Prep Exam


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Free Sample Older Adult / Senior Fitness Practice Exam

This is a free sample preparation exam for the online BCRPA Older Adult / Senior Fitness Exam. The following questions will test your current knowledge level. Please be sure to read each question carefully. Some questions will ask you to choose all that apply (extra FUN)!

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1. Following a cardiovascular exercise session, the post-exercise heart rate for an older adult client should be:

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2. Older adults have differing learning styles. A kinesthetic learning style could be best  described by which of the following statements?





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3. The warm-up should not:

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4. Research indicates that as individuals age, the following also changes with regards to recovery time of older adults?

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5. Walking down stairs involves lower body strength, flexibility at the ankle, knee and hip joints.  It also required the ability to balance the full body weight on a single leg. What would be the most appropriate exercise to improve stair decent?

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6. Which of the following resistance training adaptations will lower the risk of cardiovascular disease in a 70 year-old client?

  1. Reduced body fat
  2. Decreased resting systolic blood pressure
  3. Improved endothelial function
  4. Decreased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol

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7. The trainer works with elderly clients in a wellness screening clinic on a weekly basis. Which of the following statements made by the trainer is the most therapeutic regarding their mobility?

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8. Why would the Transtheoretical model be helpful to fitness professionals in developing goals and strategies for the older adult?

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9. Characteristics of Parkinson's Disease are:

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10. The disablement model, adapted by the Institute of Medicine and World Health Organization (WHO) consists of three sequential and interrelated components:

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11. Which of the following would generally be the preferred mode of exercise for an older adult?

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12. Which of the following is NOT a training principle?

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13. Loss of tissue elasticity could increase the fragility of the bones as well as:

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14. If your goal as a trainer is to gradually increase muscular strength of your older adult client while training them in the muscular endurance rep range (13-15+), which of the following choices is correct?

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15. The most important factor in determining subjective age identity is:

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