Protocol – Push-ups

Push-Up Muscular Endurance Assessment

CAUTION: If you have high blood pressure (140/90 mmHg), lower back issues, hip issues, etc.  DO NOT perform this test prior to receiving medical clearance to do so. Information provided solely as a reference and should not be performed without proper training or certification.

Equipment Required:

  • Exercise mat.


  • Perform one or 2 push-ups to get used to the technique and to warm-up your core, upper body muscles.
  • Standard for women – bent-knee position.
  • Standard for men – on toes position.
  • Hands are shoulder width apart and in line with the shoulders (thumbs beside deltoids). Feet or knees are maximum hip width apart.
  • The push up is complete when the chest touches the fist of the partner (or equivalent) and returns to the start position with arm fully extended.
  • Exhale on effort.
  • Count the total number of push-ups performed before reaching exhaustion.
  • No time limit.
  • Score is the total number of push-ups performed.


  • Record number of push-ups ________
  • Rate upper body muscle endurance using the chart below.
Table: Push Up Norms for Age and Gender


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