Testimonials for Aaron Tews

Testimonials for Aaron Tews

Below are testimonials Aaron’s clients / students have provided.

March 2023. “Thank you very much Aaron. I have always appreciated your workshops, both for your wealth of experience and your commitment to the essentials of movement (always a breath of fresh air!).  Thanks again and all the best,” — Mike W.

March 2023. “Good afternoon Aaron. Thanks for everything. I passed the exam yesterday! Thanks again for your help! Regards.”  — Orlando B.

October 2019.  “We are almost at our one year anniversary of working together. With 50 pounds down I am generally feeling much better and looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring me. I don’t want to state just how many more pounds I would like to lose – I know that my body will tell me when we are at the right number – but I know there are still a few more to go! It is so exciting to see my body transformation and to recognize the signs of better physical health. My husband I both owe you so much for helping me (and consequently both of us) commit to a healthier lifestyle. We are thankful to you for your patient and encouraging help to guide me through my recovery journey. Your guidance has given me hope of seeing a time when my pain is somewhat diminished or at least manageable. Before I began working with you I was unsure how I would tolerate the pain in my future years. Now it doesn’t seem so debilitating as I know what I can do to help myself cope. Thank you.”   — Sandra G.

June 2018.  “Hi Aaron, Shannon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for a wonderful week end, which unexpectedly flew by, you wouldn’t think for one minute that we were in training. The atmosphere was so positive you could feel the positive energy from every individual that participated in the course.”   — Sendsar S.

March 2018.  “My name is Austin, and I was in a rear-end collision in August 2016. I had done about a year of massage and acupuncture treatments that did not help me progress in my recovery. That is when I decided to start working with Aaron Tews. In the 20 sessions I had with Aaron, I saw more progress in my recovery than the year of previous treatment. My goal was to no longer wake up in pain and return to my life prior to the accident. We achieved that goal. To this day, I can say with confidence that I will make a full recovery without requiring additional treatment. To anyone considering active therapy due to an accident, injury, or pain, I highly recommend Aaron, as he is an encouraging, friendly, and effective active therapist.”   — Austin C.

January 2018.  Hey Aaron!  Its happening! I have you to thank!!  Seriously its amazing!! I had over 45 women at the retreat.  I have Monday night bootcamp class of 17 women
and my Wednesday is at 6.  I have 23 women signed up for a 6 week challenge
and five people that want to do training with me… ahhh I feel like I can’t even keep up!
After the retreat my email was flooded emails with questions, and people saying they loved the retreat and questions about my classes. Wow I have used all the tools that you have given me! Thanks!!!”   — Vanessa V.

December 2017.  “Aaron! Seriously I woke up this morning just absolutely beaming!! Thanks so much for the awesome chat last night with such encouraging words! I am soooo excited for my adventures ahead, and so thankful (thank you google) that I found you on the internet! You were made to do this! I’m sure people tell you that all the time, but you are seriously so talented at what you do and a HUGE inspiration!! Thank you thank you thank you! Can’t wait to see what a couple years and some brainstorming will bring me with a support system like kinesiologists.ca behind me!! Thanks again!!!” — Vanessa V.

December 2016.“Hi Aaron. Thank you …I received the correspondence. I too look forward to working with you. You are very thorough and professional…appreciate it. Happy new year.”— Judie M.

December 2016.“When I was referred to Aaron after my diagnosis of “Spondylolisthesis Grade 2″ I had been to numerous physiotherapists and doctors. My goal was to relieve the pain and avoid surgery. Aaron’s knowledge and empathy are second to none. He understood that I needed to be proactive and prescribed a program of exercises to strengthen my core. These exercises not only achieved that but they managed my pain and eventually I was pain free. I felt in control after a long period of frustration. I continue to see Aaron for tune ups and altering the program. You feel safe and trusting in this gifted and compassionate kinesiologist’s care. Thank you,”— Harriet F.

October 2016.“Hi Aaron! I really loved learning this weekend! It was so much fun! And so perfectly condensed into one weekend…I can understand so much more even now from fitness theory! You’re an awesome instructor and I enjoy every minute learning with you in your class! Thank you again!”— Valentina V.

September 2016.“Hey Aaron! I want to thank you so much for going over and above for me and letting me keep doing the practice exams! Those helped me immensely!! I decided to stop doubting myself and I started studying all the slides from the class… I passed my exam today! Yay! I’m so proud of myself! I couldn’t have done it without your words of encouragement too.. You’re an amazing teacher. I’m so happy I got through it! I can’t wait for the weight training course too! Thank you so so much Aaron! Sincerely,”— Tina V.

August 2016.“Hello Aaron, Thank you very much. I have taken ICE. I am very grateful to you for your course. It was very interesting and understandable. Will certainly recommend it to my friends. Regards,”— Ivan S.

March 2016.“Thank you Aaron, you are awesome! You made what could have been a long weekend, super fun. I know we both look forward to keeping you as a contact for the future. Thanks.” — Vanessa N.

January 2016.“Aaron, Thank you for an amazing class this past weekend. I feel good! I feed like I used my brain more then I have in a while 😉 And I loved every minute of it! Thank you so much for your detail and care in teaching.” — Jennifer Y.

January 2016.“Aaron, thank you so much for a great weight training practical session today! I have to tell you that you made it fun, interesting, and super informative. I’ve had a lot of experience in the weight room but you showed me how much more functional and creative training can be! Your philosophy in the weight room is exactly what I need to compliment my Kinesiology degree.” — Angela M.

November 2014. “Hi Aaron. I have been meaning to tell you that the courses I took with you have been incredibly helpful in physio school, given that I don’t have a kin background–especially for exercise physiology and exercise prescription. Have a great day, Deanna” –Deanna I.

October 2014.“Thank you so much for your great service.” — Crystal

October 2014.Thanks for helping me through my pre-test panic, it’s just been SO long since I have taken a exam for anything haha… I took it this morning and only got 3 wrong! YAY! I was through it in 20 min… Anyways, thanks so much for all your help, I’m so glad I found your program to do my certification through and I look forward to the weight training course in a couple weeks.” –Candise W.

May 2014. “Thank you also, Aaron, for everything. Your kindness, sincerity and professionalism have been very evident to me throughout this process, and I am very grateful for that! Thanks so much again.” –Barb H.

May 2014. “Thanks again for the awesome course this weekend. Really enjoyed it, the small class setting, your teaching etc, was well worth the time and money. I couldn’t stop prattling away to the hubby about all I learned.” –Tara G.

May 2014. “I am still working on my same exercises, and my back is so much better. I was gone twice to Colorado to see my new grand daughter. My back did not hurt on the plane. Thank you so much. You have changed my life, with the reduction of pain.” –Amelia W.

April 2014. “Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great course over the last two weekends, and for all of the follow up information that you sent.  I enjoyed the course thoroughly and thank you also, for teaching it in such a way that was not only enjoyable and informative, yet comfortable, and should help us do well on the exam.” –Barb H.

February 2014.  “Hello Aaron, Thanks again for the educational instruction this past weekend. I think everyone enjoyed the class and have come away confident and more knowledgeable in the area of fitness theory. I know that I certainly have.” –Arlen H.

February 2014. “Hey Aaron.  Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to do the ICE today. I learned quite a bit of new information, which is important in this field of work and for my own personal training goals. As well, I thought you presented the information in calm, concise, and fun manner.  Thanks again.” –Cameron M.

January 2013. “Hi Aaron. First of all, I would like to thank you for all your time in marking my assignments and for the positive feedback. I have thoroughly enjoyed the chapters you wrote and I truly appreciate the simplistic, yet in depth, terminology you use when you write.” –Carolyn P.

December 2013. “Thanks again for being so awesome! Your customer service is “above and beyond” what I expected and is tremendously appreciated.” –Rachel K.

December 2013. “Thanks again for an amazing course this past weekend…..I really enjoyed it.”  –Karen R.

November 2013. “If anyone is interested in becoming a BCRPA certified personal trainer make sure you go  through KINESIOLOGISTS.CA, whether you are just looking to renew your courses, get extra credits or you wish to become fully certified personal trainer. Aaron Tews (founder of KINESIOLOGISTS.CA)  is the man, super friendly and completely genuine, he will help you get through the course step by step. There is absolutely no guessing about whats next, and what to do once coursework has been completed. He has designed a course so informative and straight forward it is impossible to fail, any questions you have are usually answered by him personally within a few hours. Aaron goes out of his way to make sure you are constantly learning and progressing, his top priority is your success, he is easily one of the most motivating teachers I have ever had. Thank you Aaron, for everything you have done to help me succeed as a personal trainer.” –Jordan N.

September 2013. “Hi Aaron,  I hope you are having a good Monday. I thought I would send you a follow up email to thank you for the experience of your [PT ICE] evaluation. The way you conducted it and the knowledge you shared were very helpful in what can otherwise be a stressful situation. The fact that you really like what you do, shines through in the quality of your evaluation, and that is much appreciated.” –Brandee M.

September 2013. “Hello Aaron. I want to thank you for all your help and for the excellent course that I had the privilege to take part in.  I learned a lot and I can’t wait to continue further.”  –Rebecca C.

July 2013. “Thanks so much for getting back to me so soon. You go above and beyond what most instructors would do and its appreciated more than you know :)” –Stacey D.

July 2013.  Hi Aaron, Just wanted to thank you for another great course on the weekend.  It was great to learn a few new exercises and to learn to proper techniques.  I think that the time spent in the gym was definitely invaluable for the entire group. Thanks Again.” –Tim C.

July 2013.  “Hi Aaron; Let me start, by thanking you so much. I personally thought I knew it all, after weight( resistance training ) after all these years. Well I was WRONG. The wealth of knowledge you present was immense, in a short period. More importantly you made if fun. You are making my passion stronger, so again many thanks. You are an awesome instructor!” Brad W.

June 2013.  “Hi Aaron. Thank you so much for your positive and encouraging feedback. I am enjoying this [weight training correspondence] course so much and I attribute so much of this to your impeccable writing style. I really enjoy your descriptive terminology and the layout of the information so thank you. Have a great night.”  Carolyn P.

June, 2013. “Hi Aaron,  So nice to hear from you!! I was just telling a friend of mine about your courses and how wonderful they are. She is thinking of a career in fitness and she asked where I went and I told her you were the best. You may hear from her in the coming months. As for me, I actually got hired on at the bootcamp I workout at!!! I was working out one day and they approached me and said they would like to hire me on. I started of as a T2 and I am now doing main trainer shifts. I work mornings and evenings and have my afternoons and weekends to study the nutrition program I took on. It has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I am starting to get more and more comfortable and will be taking on some personal training clients there soon. I hope you are doing well. So good to hear from you!” Laurie Y.

June 2013. “Hi Aaron: It was a pleasure meeting you last night. I am amped about following my passion. When I go to a gym, I always have people come up to me and questions. I always will give them any advise I know, that will help them. I SEE THAT IN YOU. So thanks. Take care.” Brad W.


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