Great Summary Article on Trigger Points

A summary of the scientific paper criticizing the conventional wisdom about trigger points and myofascial pain syndrome.  Click here for the full article.

“…trigger points remain an idea on the fringes of health care, despite their alleged importance. There is a conventional wisdom about them, but it’s certainly not mainstream, and the scientific argument about it is even more obscure. This topic is not in any spotlight.”

“Although medical history is peppered with competing theories and debate about the nature of sore spots, MPS, and TrPs, direct criticism of the modern conventional wisdom is rare. Almost everyone not only uncritically accepts the conventional wisdom, but treats patients as though it were an established fact and a firm foundation for expensive therapy.”



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Great Video – Movements of Synovial Joints

Check this video out – very well done!

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How much sugar should a person eat per day?

The American Heart Association says men should eat no more than 37.5 grams of sugar a day and women should eat no more than 25 grams per day.

The World Health Organization now says even those allowances are too high, suggesting both men and women should eat 25 grams or fewer each day. The average American currently eats 126 grams of sugar a day – though most do not realize. The majority of the 126 grams comes from the refined sugars added to foods during manufacturing.

Take a look at your own intake per day.

In general, this very hard number to stay below with all the refined and processed food we eat daily.  Refined sugar is hidden in thousands of foods and the addictive effect on the brain is said to be more powerful than cocaine. Refined sugar is nearly unavoidable unless you are willing to prepare all your meals using only fresh foods – where time and work commitments do not always make possible.

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2 Rooms for Rent in busy Kinesiology Studio (Surrey) – PHYSIO or RMT or other health professional

Clean and bright room to rent (flat rate or %) in a busy and bright kinesiology studio in Cloverdale (17665-66A Avenue, Surrey). Additional access to the exercise area of the studio can be negotiated. One room has a sink too.
Plenty of cross referrals would happen between my kinesiology business and your business.  Located in a very central and easily accessible area of Cloverdale with plenty of free parking.

Question: Are you looking for someone that will work under/represent your business as a contractor?
Answer: No. Must be completely separate to my business – not be involved in your business at all. Now, there would be synergies (many of my clients would utilize your services), but that can be discussed. I am only providing the room – no cleaning services either. Also need to see proof of insurance and professional papers.

Call Aaron at (seven seven eight) 574 1190

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PAR-Q+ Reminder for all Fitness Leaders

PAR-Q+ Reminder for all Fitness Leaders

We would like to remind all BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders of the importance of having participants and/or clients complete the PAR-Q+ prior to participating in any physical activity. This is a requirement for your insurance coverage provided through HUB as part of your registration with BCRPA. Note: Although Personal Trainers are not covered by this standard insurance policy they should follow the same PAR-Q+ requirement to conform to best practices.

The only exception to this would be for drop-in programs where the expectation would be to have a poster of the PAR-Q on the wall for participants to self-assess.

Please note, that if a participant/client answers “yes” to any of the PAR-Q+ questions it is your duty to ensure they have received clearance from a medical professional before proceeding with the program or activity.

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BCRPA Insurance at Registration (First Year)

BCRPA Insurance

Please Note: new BCRPA Leader registration fees be increasing to $109 for the first year of registration in February 2021.

This is what is included with your $2 million Commercial General Liability Insurance through HUB International TOS Limited for fitness professionals practicing Group Fitness, Aquatic Fitness, Weight Training, Yoga Fitness, Older Adult Fitness, Osteofit, Pilates Fitness, and first year students who have passed the Fitness Theory exam and are in the process of obtaining one of the aforementioned specialties.

This coverage includes negligent acts and/or omissions resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party, including:

    • Injury to participants (no Professional Liability Exclusion for bodily injury losses only)
    • Personal Injury: limit $2,000,000
    • Advertising Injury: limit $2,000,000
    • Tenants Legal Liability: $250,000
    • Medical Payments: $2,500 per person
    • Products/Completed Operations
    • Employer’s Liability/Cross Liability/Severability of Insured’s
    • Incidental Medical Malpractice
    • Occurrence Property Damage
    • Blanket Contractual – provides coverage when you enter into an insured contract
    • Broad Form Property Damage
    • Owners and Contractors Protective – covers the insured’s liability for bodily injury and property damage caused, in whole or in part, by an independent contractor’s work for the insured

Exclusions/Not included:

    • Abuse
    • Tanning / Toning beds
    • Sanction limitation
    • Contagion exclusion
    • Infrared sauna
    • Hot / Bikram Yoga
    • Asbestos (total exclusion)
    • Data
    • Terrorism
    • Limited fungi and fungal
    • Derivatives coverage

For all insurance related questions please contact HUB International directly by email ( or by calling 604-269-1919.

KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio and BCRPA cannot answer any insurance questions.

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