What is Kinesiology?

Question: What is Kinesiology?

Answer:  Simply, kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement.  It is a multidisciplinary approach to movement and encompasses such areas as human anatomy and physiology, biomechanics,  psychomotor behaviour. Our background prepares us to apply the most effective training techniques in the area of active rehabilitation, injury prevention through movement screening assessments, strength and conditioning and personal training.

Question: Where does a kinesiologist fit into the recovery process?

Answer:  Typically a kinesiologist follows treatment in the acute phase of recovery.  This diagram may help:


Question: So, why should I choose KINESIOLOGISTS.CA for my active rehab?

Answer: Our team is qualified, experienced and will help reach active rehabilitation goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Our trainers have acquired significant practical application of their knowledge.

 We believe that clients benefit from our quiet atmosphere where they can not only learn all the necessary tools to facilitate their active rehabilitation, but also initiate their program in the comfort of our private studio prior to a gradual progression into a community facility.

Each program will address balance, posture and stability limitations with educational, progressive exercise prescription that delivers the knowledge and techniques needed for the individual to reduce pain and restore standard of living to the best of their ability.

Question: What is ‘applied kinesiology’ and do you practice this form?

At KINESIOLOGISTS.CA we do not practice applied kinesiology. We do not diagnose.  

According to Wikipedia, applied kinesiology or (AK) is “a pseudoscientific technique in alternative medicine claimed to be able to diagnose illness or choose treatment by testing muscles for strength and weakness. Current evidence does not support the use of applied kinesiology for diagnosis of any illness. Applied kinesiologists are often chiropractors, but they may also be naturopaths, medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, or veterinarians. According to their guidelines on allergy diagnostic testing, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology stated there is “no evidence of diagnostic validity” of applied kinesiology, and another study has shown that as an evaluative method, AK “is no more useful than random guessing.”

We develop active rehabilitation based programs to bridge the gap between acute treatment (such as physiotherapists, RMT’s and chiropractors) and returning to everyday life – work, recreational activities and life in general.  We tailor a specific exercise and stretching program just for you.