Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA

Question: What is Active Rehabilitation?

Answer:  Active rehabilitation is a program in which functional exercise and education are the key components. At KINESIOLOGISTS.CA, all functional training programs for active rehabilitation are designed and supervised by a practicing kinesiologist and a member of BCAK (British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists).  Your active rehabilitation program will be personalized to your individual situation and injury (i.e. whiplash, rear-ender, side impact, lower back, mid-back, etc).  Our active rehabilitation programs are also designed to be performed at home or at your facility following your sessions with us.

Following an initial assessment, an individualized program plan is developed. Each program is developed to consider both the nature of the injury and the occupational and leisure requirements of the individual. Each program will actively address balance, posture and stability limitations with educational, progressive exercise prescription that delivers the knowledge and techniques needed for the individual to reduce pain and restore standard of living to the best of their ability.

During the active rehabilitation sessions, clients will be taught to perform their program’s exercises independently of the kinesiologist. The number of sessions required to develop this independence will depend on the severity of injury. At discharge, the client is provided with exercises that address their posture, range of motion and strength requirements, furthering progress toward normal daily living.

Question: Where does active rehab/kinesiology fit into the recovery process?

Answer:  Typically a kinesiologist follows treatment in the acute phase of recovery.  This diagram may help: